How do I pack my suitcase best?

Make sure you pack your suitcase well in advance. Nothing good comes from packing your suitcase at the last minute. To optimize space, our best packing tip is to roll your clothes. In this way, you prevent your clothes from creasing.

7 Tips for packing your suitcase

  • Make sure you pack your suitcase well in advance
  • Always make sure you have a packing list
  • Always check the weather forecast at your destination
  • Roll your clothes to avoid wrinkled clothes in your suitcase
  • If you are not into rolling your clothes, wrap your clothes in paper
  • Make sure to use all the space in the suitcase so that the clothes lie comfortably
  • Always travel with a hand steamer if you have one

How do I best pack my shirt in my suitcase?

Wrinkled shirts are annoying, especially if you have to go straight to a meeting. When packing your shirt in a suitcase, it is best to roll it. In this way, you avoid it becoming wrinkled. Follow our simple guide below.

How to roll your shirt using the Marie Kondo method:

  • Lay the shirt flat on a table
  • Fold one side in towards the middle - it's about making a rectangle
  • Fold the sleeve back and fold it down (comma) to form a rectangle
  • Fold the opposite side of the shirt in towards the centre
  • Fold the opposite sleeve in the same way as the first sleeve
  • Now you have rectangle
  • Fold the rectangle in 3 and place it on the side of the suitcase
  • Continue with the rest of your clothes until the entire suitcase is full

How do I avoid wrinkled clothes in my suitcase?

If you are not into rolling your clothes, another tip to avoid crumpled clothes in your suitcase is to wrap your clothes in paper. Place a piece of paper towel between your piece of clothing before folding. The paper prevents permanent creases on your shirt.

If the accident happened and your shirt got wrinkled

If your shirt has become slightly wrinkled, we recommend that you put it on. Our shirts and shirt blouses are made of EcoVero, and it is our experience that body heat can smooth the shirt back out. Then put it on and after 1 hour your shirt is smooth again.

What should be in the suitcase?

Always make sure you have a packing list so you don't forget anything important. What your suitcase should contain depends on your destination? A good tip is to have a travel hand steamer with you. This way you ensure wrinkle-free clothes for the entire trip.

What should be in hand luggage?

Here are the 5 things that we always have in our hand luggage

1. Valuables (watches, jewellery, computer, telephone, etc.)

2. A warm sweater. It can get cold on a plane and who wants to start their journey with a cold.

3. An extra set of clothes. Should the accident happen and your suitcase gets lost, it's nice to have an extra set of clothes. If you are going on a beach holiday, consider a bikini or bathing suit.

4. Chewing gum so you avoid plugs in your ears during take-off and landing

5. Toiletries, some make-up, sunscreen and toothbrush - remember, however, that liquid objects must not exceed 100 ml.


We hope you can use our guide. Should the accident happen and your clothes are wrinkled, there is usually an ironing board and iron in the hotel.

See also our guide How to iron a shirt.