“To cherish and keep”

At A Working Theory, we design so-called seasonless slow fashion, which means that we do not work based on the traditional fashion seasons or fleeting trends. Instead, we focus on bringing few, well-considered styles that repeat themselves from year to year, so you can always return to your favorite product. Our mission is to make it easy to find timeless and useful shirts and blouses that can be included in your wardrobe in the long term.

Our permanent collection basically consists of three styles with the same basic fit, but with a variation in the subtle details that make them nevertheless appear different. Our focus is mainly on expanding with single colors that we can see long-term in the collection, and all styles are made in 100% LENZING™ ECOVERO™, which is a welcome alternative to conventional viscose.

We also work exclusively with certified suppliers who meet leading international standards for both environmental and social responsibility. You can also read much more about this, as well as our approach to recycling, upcycling, transport and packaging, on this page.

Should you have questions that are not answered here, you are always welcome to send us an email at kundeservice@aworkingtheory.dk.


Best whishes,

Michelle Wadskjær, Founder

Our materials

We love viscose's delicate expression and comfort, but not so much about the environmental impact and lack of transparency that comes with conventional viscose production.

That is why we have chosen to produce in 100% LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose fibres, which are certified with the official European environmental label, the EU Flower.

LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose fibers are distinguished, among other things, by coming from certified responsible forestry, and the processing takes place under controlled conditions at Austrian Lenzing, which is known for ensuring a high degree of recycling of used solvents and water.

Our buttons are made from recycled plastic, with the exception of our coated buttons. Our laundry labels are also made from rPET, which consists of recycled plastic bottles.

Production & Social Responsibility

At A Working Theory, it has been a requirement from the beginning that we will only cooperate with certified suppliers who fully share our values. That is why we are also incredibly happy that, with the expert help of Sourcing House ApS, we have found Dibella in Bangalore, India. It is at Dibella that the beautiful textiles take their final shape.

Dibella is certified according to leading international standards for social and environmental responsibility. For example, Dibella is Fairtrade certified. In addition, the employees receive free medical treatment, a pension and courses to help them improve their personal finances and hygiene in their local area. However, it is important for us to emphasize that our blouses and shirts do not carry the Fairtrade label, as we, at A Working Theory, are not certified ourselves, as there is no Fairtrade standard for viscose fibres. 

In addition, Dibella also supports 3900 marginalized cotton-producing families to phase out pesticides and increase their economic income through Chetna Organics, and investments are made in infrastructure that e.g. supports local children's schooling, and measures that ensure income outside the harvest season, especially for women in the villages. 

Recycling & Upcycling

It means a lot to us that our products have a long useful life with you. However, we also know that needs can change - whether it's aesthetic, size-wise or something else entirely - and that's why you as a customer can always send our goods back if you want help finding a new owner for them. 

If the product is in good condition, we sell it on via our "2nd editions", which will be our own small resale platform here on the site; and if the product has clear signs of use, our ambition is to donate it to Danish sewing studios and projects with a social economic aim, which can upcycle it into new, beautiful items.

As a thank you for helping us keep the clothes in circulation, we sign off with a discount code of 15% for our webshop, but our biggest wish is of course that you will use our styles for as long as possible.

Packaging & Packing

We currently use biodegradable bags for our packaging during shipping from India to Denmark. However, we are constantly investigating the possibility of better packaging, and we collect the plastic ourselves before the item is sent to you, in order to ensure correct disposal or possibly Recycling.

When we send your order, the product is packed with FSC® MIX-certified tissue paper in shipping boxes in 100% recycled paper that are also FSC®-certified. The FSC® label means that the forest and the other controlled sources from which the materials come are managed with consideration for biological diversity, the local population and workers' rights, etc. We get our printed materials made by KLS PurePrint, which is a Cradle to Cradle-certified printing house.

Our brown packaging stickers are also made from recycled paper, while the white sticker on the shipping box is made from cotton scraps. However, we have opted out of hangtags in favor of a small postcard, where we provide relevant information instead.